Monday, June 15, 2009

Anatomy of a festival

With this set of diagrams, I have attempted to dissect the main urban characteristics of Trinidad’s Carnival. The photographs follow the main carnival route, as shown in the key map in red.

By separating the individual parts that are specific to the festival, it’s anatomy becomes quite clear. The next stage of this set of diagrams will be to add a layer of information about the places in the city in which theses images are taken.

These 12 diagrams walk you through Port of Spain. The places they are taken are listed below, in order of appearance:

Ariapita Avenue

Adam Smith Square

Park Street (outside of Lapeyrose cemetery)

St. Vincent Street upper

St. Vincent Street Lower

Independence Square

Twin Towers (outside Central Bank Trinidad)

South Quay lower

South Quay Judging Point

Rosary Junction

Charlotte Street

Queens Park Savannah